Day 917 – Thankful for Grit, Breathing, and Vacation Happy Places

Today has been a wildly successful day.  Interestingly, it’s had its share of tense moments, stress, difficult challenges, and the like…  all of which have made it the successful day it has been.

First off, I’m thankful for grit.  Yeah, this is kind of a staple, but it’s truly amazing to me to see what we are each capable of when we push towards something we’re passionate about.  We persist through the pain for the end goal, and in a cosmic twist, we grow from and usually appreciate those tough parts of the journey more than the destination.  I have many dreams and aspirations that I am passionate about and I will find a way to do them.  Knowing that I will face obstacles I pause instead of getting frustrated with them and find the way to become stronger, smarter, and better for passing that challenge.  Which leads to my next point…

Breathing is truly an awesome action.  When those challenges present themselves the power of something so seemingly as simple as taking a deep breath can calm my mind.  In action tonight while doing yoga I was able to hold poses stronger and more correctly than expected when I focused only on breathing.  The same is true in life.  While I appreciate the challenges they don’t always happen at the most opportune times.  When I remember to breathe like I did today I can more easily transition from an “Oh Crap!!!” emotional response to a “well, that just happened, what can I learn from this?” reaction.  All by doing one little thing, breathing.


In the final rest tonight in yoga I was reminded again of one of the reasons I am so passionate about travel.  With my eyes closed and laying flat on my back in a quiet room my mind started to wander…  Before I knew it I was listening to my Alaska & Isle Royale vacation song in my head and I was floating in the ocean in Alaska, just cruising through the fjords.  Such a peaceful feeling, total relaxation.  From the places we’ve visited there’s a handful of epic vacation happy places that are burned into my brain and heart so deeply that just the thought of them can drop my blood pressure, relieve stress, and help me pause and focus on my breath.  I love those experiences so much and wouldn’t trade any of them for anything in the world.


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