Day 918 – Thankful for Slowly Learning From the Flat Spots on My Forehead and UUDDLRLRBABAStart

Sometimes I think I might actually be learning! Today was a day in which there were several times I paused and remembered past lessons learned. Every so often I catch myself rubbing the flat spots on my forehead from past experiences and I remember what was learned from those instances. Today they served me well and I avoided some mistakes I’ve made in the past. Heck, Gavin may be right, I’m slowly becoming a wise old man! 😂

Speaking of Gavin, I broke him into a new level of the Brotherhood of Nintendo… after playing baseball in the park for quite a while we headed inside. He asked if we had any two player Nintendo games that we could play together. I smiled, dusted off Contra, and taught him the greatest cheat code of all time before we took out some alien scum!

Life is good!


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