Day 911 – Thankful for Unplanned Furniture Repair & Cosmic Justice

Oh boy, cosmic justice, you got me good today!

Way back in the day, pretty sure somewhere in the college years, I had a few of my friends over while my parents and brother weren’t home.  Nothing nefarious or anything, just chilling in the basement watching TV.  For some reason we started goofing off and one of us hurtled through the air and right into the love seat.  With a sickening SNAP we knew we had our work cut out for us.  Sure enough, the leg of the love seat was snapped right off. 

Thankfully a couple of us are relatively handy and we went to town on fixing it.  In no time it was good as new and I crossed my fingers that I’d never have to tell my parents about it.

A few years later I got a very random phone call form my dad and he sounds pretty frustrated.  “Is there something you’d like to tell me about the love seat Mikey?”  I groaned and the incident poured out with full honesty.  After I mentioned how proud we were of the work we’d done on it he got a little weird…  was that a hint of a chuckle in voice or was it just cracking with more anger?  “Mike, it looks like a damn pin cushion with nails sticking out of it everywhere!!!”

With that comment I started laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my face.  “Dad, did say ‘nails’?” I asked.  When he confirmed it I laughed again and he started to get angry with me while I composed myself.  “Dad, do you see the two screws in the side that were hidden away and do you see the thin line of glue we used?  We didn’t use a single nail.  I’m pretty sure you’re talking to the wrong son.  You should talk with the one who’s a little less handy.”  At that point I was again overcome with laughter as Dad paused…  “Okay, love you Bud,” and he was gone.  Dad and I would still joke about that incident every so often right up until the day he passed. 

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with that story…

After a couple of brief seconds of my blood pressure spiking that story popped back into my head this evening…  right after Gavin filled me in on how he’d broken one of the dining room table chairs today.  In a flash I could hear Dad’s voice, “just you wait Mikey, just you wait” in my head just like every time I did something that that frustrated him.  He always told me to just wait until one day when I had sons and they would pull the stuff I pulled or break things like I’d broken things.  He was totally right!  The cosmos doesn’t necessarily strike back swiftly, but it certainly exacted justice tonight. 

Quite honestly, it is frustrating that the chair broke, but there’s more to the story.  Gavin and I spent some quality time walking through the plan of how to fix it and we went right to town gluing it back up.  Time will tell if we can completely fix it, but regardless of the result I had great memories of my dad come back into my stream of consciousness, Gavin got to see me take a deep breath and not blow a gasket, and we got some great father son time together…  oh, and I know justice will be done on Gavin one day.  Just you wait Gavers, just you wait.  😉


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