Day 909 – Thankful for a Book that Has My Mind Heading In Several Directions at Once, and Taking Action

The most recent business related book I read was kind of a dud.  There wasn’t as much depth as I was hoping for and it didn’t seem to apply nearly as much as I thought it would.  Here’s the interesting thing though…  I am still very thankful for reading it.  At one point it references a different book, one that sounded very interesting.  I hopped online, read the description, and it’s not the audiobook I’m currently reading.

I’m not super far into it yet (less than 30%) so I’m not ready to give it as a recommendation, but it’s already causing my mind to go on a rollercoaster ride of ideas.  Some thoughts have me learning the topics the book intended while others have kind of tracked off to the side, gathered up speed, and are now an avalanche of their own.  I love books like this when there are so many different depths to take in.

Rejection Proof

One other thing I’m thankful for is taking action.  Yup, I’m going to sound totally cryptic, I but I took action today to push me closer to achieving one of my dreams.  It was a very simple little step, but it suddenly made it feel more real.  I am so thankful I finally took this step.


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