Day 908 – Thankful for a Visit From My Mom and Our Last Pinewood Derby

While talking with my mom late in the week I mentioned Gavin’s Pinewood Derby this weekend and invited her to come down to hang out and watch it with us.  Everything worked out and she headed to La Crosse today.

It was a blur of action while she was here, but it was great to spend time with her.  We were able to spend some time shooting the bull over lunch, drove to see the bald eagles migrating through, and then headed over for the race.  It felt great spending time with Mom and sharing our life with her.  There were many times I just smiled as I saw the memories of raising two boys flash across her brain as she observed our family interactions.  We also had fun trading stories of past Pinewood Derby experiences with each other!  I’m always thankful for time with my mom and I’m very appreciative of her making the drive here today.

Today was the 8th and final Pinewood Derby for the boys.  Sure, the results may not have been quite as storybook-ish as Peyton Manning’s farewell, but it ended on a high note.  Gavin and I had time together in the workshop as he made his car this year.  He had the opportunity to learn and grow from adversity, and, most importantly, he had fun.


We’ve made many cars together as a family, and now it’s time to close the door on that chapter of our lives.  I’m looking forward to making cars with them and their kids somewhere down the road, but for now I’m thankful for all of the memories we’ve made in this great event.


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