Day 907 – Thankful for Biking Grandad Bluff with Becky and Time with Dominic

Becky and I opted out of our normal cycling and yoga classes in favor of a slight change of pace this morning.  We bundled up, hopped on our bikes, and headed to the bluffs.  After taking cycling classes this winter we’ve been chomping at the bit to get outside and ride.  Sure, it was a little chilly (24-ish degrees), but we figured it’d be okay.

Once we cut across town we headed up Bliss Rd and up Grandad Bluff.  Holy crap is that a crazy climb!  The cool part was that we were able to make it all the way up and enjoy the beautiful view from atop the bluffs.  Whether hiking, running, or biking the view seems a little better each time it’s earned.


The way down was amazing, but also a little chilly.  Without really thinking through everything I never thought about low 20’s temps and the windchill of going 25+ mph while going down (crazy to think our top speed was over 30!  I’m sure many of you have gone faster, but that was crazy to see).  Regardless, starting the day with a nice long bike ride outside was a great start to the day.  Throw in the sense of accomplishment of reaching the top of the bluffs and I felt great.

Gavin headed out to Hunter Safety classes and Becky was babysitting for a friend, so it was just Dominic and I.  We went out to breakfast and had a wonderful time shooting the bull with each other.  Feeling inspired we then did a little shopping (mmm…  Holmen Meat Locker…) and had a lot of fun hanging out for the better part of a couple of hours.  What an awesome time for us to hang out and just talk while spending time talking about values.  Once we got home he got some homework done until lunch and then we fired up some games with the two of us until everyone else came home.

It’s not often we have extended periods of one on one time like that and I’m thankful for every moment we had today.  Connecting and bonding with him fills my heart with joy.



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