Day 906 – Thankful for a Day Bookended By the Moon

What a full day it’s been! As a cool added bonus it began and ended with brilliant views of the moon.

This morning the moon totally lit up the sky when we went for our run. The light was so bright we ran with our moon shadows as additional company.

This evening we set out with the family, dogs included, on a quest to see the Northern Lights. We headed north past Holmen and turned east before Galesville. We followed the twists and turns of country roads that gradually transformed from two lane roads into almost one lane dirt roads on top of the bluffs. When we found the optimal spot I got out and was thwarted by the brilliance of the moon. The light reflecting off it was so intense it drowned out any possibility of seeing the green lights dancing in the sky. When we decided to head back home we plugged in our GPS and realized we’d driven all the way to Ettrick! Sure, it would’ve been awesome to see the lights, but the moon provided some pretty scenic views as we drove through the driftless area’s country roads.

Today started with an appreciation of the moon’s beauty and ended with the same. How cool is that?


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