Day 905 – Thankful for Family Workouts and Fitness Coach Rufus (Gavin)

Last night Dominic asked Becky if he could go to the Y to workout after supper tonight. Without hesitation the answer was yes. Tonight as we were figuring out who was going to take him Becky also talked me into going. As we started getting ready we helped talk Gavin into going along with also.

Once we got to the Y Dominic split off for some weightlifting while Fitness Coach Rufus (aka Gavin) took Becky and I to the track. Coach Rufus decided to hit the intervals pretty hard as we went from sprints to jogs to sprints to walking and everything in between. After a while he proceeded to take us to the cycling room and led us on a great workout including ladders, hills, and the whole gamut.

It was pretty awesome to get out as a family. I’m so glad the boys are loving the feel of exercise and are open to doing it regularly. What a great way to help them stay healthy AND get some excellent family time.

Seeing Gavin in the role of Coach Rufus put a huge smile on my face. Not only does he crack me up with his larger than life personality, I’m pretty sure Becky and I got a glimpse into the future. He’d be an excellent coach and it’s easy to see him doing some type of a role like that in the future.


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