Day 904 – Thankful for Repose

My alarm went off at 4:32 and I was doing sit ups with Becky by 4:50.  We were out the door for our run by 5:10.  After the run, a hot shower, and getting ready I was out the door by 6:45.  At work I jumped into some building maintenance followed by some follow ups form a meeting the day before.  A few minutes in one team meeting and off to a phone meeting before I met with a couple of teammates for planning.  From 9:10 until 4:25 we were hammering away on ideas to move our teams forward in the next few months (with the exception of a short lunch).  After the planning session I jumped into another project and was out the door around 5:20.  Drive home, eat a quick supper, change into workout clothes and off to yoga by 6:12.

Non stop from 4:32am until 6:12pm, my mind was cranking away in overdrive with many thoughts, ideas, and plans.  To be honest, I was feeling pretty mentally exhausted by the time I got to yoga and laid out on my mat.  And that’s when the magic happened…

I felt total repose.  No stress, no noice in my brain, no tasks, no next meeting, no pressure, no timelines, no nothing…  except a focus on my breathing and my body.  My mind was totally still and it seemed as if I hit the pause button on life for an hour.  Extreme relaxation, peace, and chillin’.  Exactly what I was craving to calm for the night.

DSCF0729 2.jpg

Tomorrow will also be very full and complete, but I know I will search for and find moments of repose to soothe the savage beast throughout the day.


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