Day 903 – Thankful for Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

I am so thankful for my account.  Over the past few months it’s provided me the opportunity to read several business books and biographies.  With the windshield time I’ve had audiobooks have been an excellent way to utilize my drive time in a positive way.

In between books I often mix in a podcast to change it up a little bit.  One of the ones I’ve really gotten hooked on is Hardcore History by Dan Carlin.  It’s a very different look at history and gives a deep dive into many interesting topics from way back in the day.

IMG_0A2D752901AD-1 2

Certainly not for everyone, it’s a very interesting way to look back into history.  The current podcast I’m listening to is focused on Julius Caesar’s perspective of the Roman attacks on the Celtic tribes in Europe.  As he clearly explains up front, it’s history as told from the side of Darth Vader and gets into deep discussions of reasons behind the invasion and so on.  Throughout the story there’s a ton of history lessons piled in.  Not only is it interesting to go back in time to learn more history there are certainly lessons to pull forward into the present.  I never would’ve thought I’d enjoy history lessons so much that I voluntarily listen to them!

I’m thankful for an enlightening and knowledge filled ride to work this morning.  Soon I’ll be back to my normal reading, but for the time being I’m enjoying the change of pace.


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