Day 902 – Thankful for Today

Today has been an incredible day.  Nothing completely out of the ordinary, but so amazingly perfect in its completeness and depth.  There’s been a little bit of everything from struggles to successes to relaxing to working hard to working out.  There was even a little bit of time dreaming about travel and remembering past trips 😉.

My emotions have run the gamut but have largely been focused on the positive.

I’ve had to work through my weaknesses and had the opportunity to rely on my strengths.

There were moments of seeing the results of my past mistakes and failures while also seeing how I’ve learned from them.  I was shown past successes and saw how sometimes they created a false sense of security that I later learned from.

At times I had the stillness of mind to stop and think more deeply about how I live my life, how I should live my life, and how to close the gap between those two.

My morning started off with one on one time with Becky on an early morning run under a beautifully orange moon.  On my way to work I called Becky to make sure she was seeing the sunrise that looked like one of the two suns setting in Tatooine.

I had one on one time with each of the boys and got big hugs and “I love you’s” from both of them without being asked.

I spent time talking with both my brother and my mom.  There were several moments spent thinking of Dad.

It’s been an incredible day.  So full of life, so completely perfect in its imperfection.  I am so thankful for all that happened today, I wouldn’t trade a single moment for anything.



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