Today was AWESOME!!!  Not only did we have a large amount of family time, we had it with a large amount of family – see what I did there? 😉   Four of my nephews, four brother in laws, and my father in law all made the trek to La Crosse to slay some fish out on Lake Onalaska.  We spent the entire day out on the ice shooting the bull, walking on the ice, goofing off, eating a ton of snacks (thanks again Mary and Diana for the excellent snack age!!!), and pretty much everything a person can do while ice fishing…  except catch fish.  Personally, I see that as a very minor detail seeing as we all had so much fun spending time together.


For reals, it was great to spend time shooting the bull with each other and just spending time outside together.  The cousins all were wrestling around and enjoying each others company while all of us adults spent time talking and fishing.  Some of my favorite moments of the day were when I had one on one time with someone or we had a conversation as a small group.  It was wonderful just spending time with everyone.


Being out on the ice isn’t something I do very often so there were also a handful of moments in which I paused and just soaked in the landscape around me.  I’m head over heals in love with our neck of the woods and appreciate the drift less area constantly.  Seeing it from a different perspective was awesome and I enjoyed every moment of it.


Thanks again to everyone for making the long drive to La Crosse, we’re all thankful for the time with all of you!

When I took a quick peek at the comments from yesterday’s blog post today a gigantic smile crossed my face.  Here are the two comments I saw:

Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 6.48.23 PM.png

Each of the comments struck a different chord with me and both reminded me of reasons why I take the time to write this blog every day and then share it openly and publicly.

Mike’s comment made me smile because that’s what I try to focus on each day.  Regardless of what happens it is 100% up to me to choose.  Life is too short to be in a pissy mood so I try to stay focused on the upside.  It doesn’t always work and sometimes I let myself be in a bad mood, but the more I work on it the more often I can stay positive and find the silver lining.  Life throws us tough stuff sometimes and we’ll never be able to prevent it all, but if we look hard enough we can find the positive meaning and use that difficult time to help us grow stronger.

Sammi’s comment made me smile for a different reason entirely.  I miss my dad deeply each and every single day.  I’m so appreciative of all of the moments and memories I had with him, I’m truly blessed to have had all that time with him.  If something I say or do can help someone else appreciate someone they love just a little more or in a slightly different way I see that as a huge win.  Her final sentence left me laughing and my heart full of joy.

Both of those comments remind me of reasons I am thankful for writing this blog and I greatly appreciate their reminders!


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