Day 899 – Thankful for Running Outside, Advice from a Distance, an Unexpected Investing Conversation, Hiring a Contractor, and Taking Dominic’s Book Recommendation

This morning started off in a great way.  The weather was nice enough that Becky and I headed out for a run with the girls.  It felt awesome to be outside and enjoying fresh air instead of being on a treadmill.  The thing that made it even better was spending time with Becky early in the morning to start the day.  With as crazy as our lives are it’s nice to have a little time to ourselves to kick off the day.

Over the past few days our Regional Developer has been in our Menomonie office helping with training.  This morning we touched base on the past couple of days and she had some excellent advice that will help us a lot.  The ideas are fantastic, the team will love them, and it will improve our business.  I always appreciate advice like this from someone who’s able to jump in from a 30,000 foot view and help me see from the same perspective.

I had a conversation with our insurance provider and after some insurance conversation we somehow slid into a conversation about investing and rental units.  I greatly appreciated the thoughts and ideas he had and how openly he shared his experiences.

Our basement stairs are now done!  One more thing on the checklist completed in the house, only a small handful of projects to go.  I would have enjoyed doing it myself, but based on how much available time I’ve had lately it was so nice to have someone do it while I was at work.  I’m so thankful for having a contractor help us on this project.


Over the past week I took Dominic’s book advice and picked up the book series he recommended to me.  I’ve been reading at night before bed and it’s been a great way to chill before calling it a night.  Last night I finished the first Magnus Chase book and it was AWESOME!!!  Whoever thought a book about Norse mythology could be so entertaining?  Dominic – great call on this book, I’m pumped to start the second one.

All in all, it’s been an awesome day and I’m thankful for all of these moments and so many more.


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