Sorry gang, this is one that’ll be a little light on the details for several reasons.  That doesn’t mean I’m any less thankful today, quite the opposite.  Even when there’s something I am really thankful for but don’t want to talk about I usually go with a back up.  In the case of today the small handful of things I’m most appreciative of are all things I don’t want to get into.  So with that, let’s see just how insightfully vague I can be tonight 😉


There are some things in life that are so important and so core to my joy that I struggle to imagine a life without them.  They are often easy to take for granted as they are always there and seem like they will be, but at some unexpected point they will not be.  It takes the possibility of losing them to truly appreciate them.  Today it worked out and I was reminded of how much I appreciate them.  I am more thankful for that than I can ever begin to explain.


On the flip side there are some things that haven’t worked out like I’d hoped.  While it would be easy to get stuck in the spiral of being sad and disappointed I’m going right to a growth mindset.  What can I learn from this?  That’s the question that I’ve asked myself on numerous occasions today.  Surprisingly, when I focus on that question it takes the emotion out and helps me logically focus on how to give things the best possible opportunity to work out in the future.  While I wish they all would’ve worked out today there has been much I’ve learned and I appreciate the wisdom gained.

There you have it.  I’m thankful for what’s worked out and for what I’ve learned from what hasn’t worked out.  Life is full of victories and losses, the secret to joy is to finding the meaning in, the lessons learned from, and an appreciation for each.


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