Day 895 – Thankful for Reminders of Time with My Dad Throughout Our House

This picture popped up from eight years ago yesterday…

True to our norm there wasn’t a pic of Dad and I working 😉

I had taken a couple of days off of work and my dad came down to help us install our cabinets and remodel our kitchen.  We spent a few days putting in cabinets, installing the countertop and sink, and hooked up the dishwasher.  Left on my own it would have been an epic disaster.  With my dad here taking the lead it was instead a great father and son time that I’ll never forget.

It’s funny, but I still remember some pretty random details like the long conversation we had about his demolition experience in Milwaukee as he showed me how to use a crowbar “the right way” instead of just “muscling it around.”  He then proceeded to make the removal of an old piece of cabinetry seem incredibly easy after I’d been fighting with it for a while.  There were so many little moments of joking, learning, and just working together.  Just yesterday I wrote about a time like that with my boys from the perspective of a father and here I am today on the other side remembering a similar moment (on a much smaller scale project) as a son.  How crazily awesome is life sometimes?

As I look through our small house I almost can’t help but run into a project Dad helped me with here.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to miss something but he helped me with the garage, kitchen remodel, bathroom floor remodel, living room floor, and countless other projects along the way.  If I add in all of the projects he provided advice on I’d be hard pressed to find a room he hasn’t had an impact on.

Looking through the house I’m remembered of so many great times we had working with each other.  After seeing the reminder of working on the kitchen from eight years ago I caught myself just standing in the kitchen looking around at the cabinets and thinking about when we put them in. There’ve been so many smiles on my face over the past 24 hours as I’ve gone in and out of that room and had reminders of Dad.  Even in typing this a couple of other memories from that project have slowly reappeared and I’m smiling even bigger.

Dad may be gone but there’s something so therapeutic and joy inspiring about being surrounded by projects we worked on together.  Sure, it’s just stuff and someday we’re bound to move on to a new home, but for now I’ll continue to enjoy memories of my dad all around our house.  How awesome of a gift did he leave me in the memory of those moments?


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