Day 894 – Thankful for Working on a Project with the Boys

First things first…  this pick is certainly not from today, but it’s one that made me smile and think of our time together today.


Our Winona office is adding a new teammate next week and we’re getting the office moved around to prep for her arrival.  One of the steps in doing that is installing a new cubicle into our office.  Last time around we hired someone to build them as there were five being installed at once.  This time I thought we’d do it ourselves as there is only one.

My dad and I used to work on projects and I would have so much fun just shooting the bull with him while we worked.  Sometimes we just focused on the project and I learned new skills.  Almost every time he’d thank me afterwards and say what a help it was having me there.  He often commented on how much faster it went when there was an extra set of hands to help him out.

With some of those memories in mind I talked with the boys and they were willing to help me out in putting it together.  While we didn’t get it all done we did make some pretty serious headway…  and had a lot of fun doing it.  I really enjoyed helping the boys learn some new skills.  It was pretty cool seeing how well they were able to do some parts of it completely on their own.  At one point each of us had a separate small project we were working on and it went great.

We were productive together, learned together, had fun together, and made some memories together.  Heck, we were even smiling while we cleaned up together afterwards!

My old man was right, it was so much nicer having an extra set of hands (or two).  That said, I’m most thankful for an excuse to have some great time with my boys working on a project together.


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