Okay, so maybe it isn’t completely a new skill, but seeing as I haven’t downhiller skied in over 30 years it seems pretty close.  My Eau Claire, Menomonie, & Rice Lake teams pitched in to get us a gift card for Mount La Crosse and we used it this morning (before the rain!).


With it being the first time for Dominic and Gavin we got ski lessons to start us off on the right foot.  Funny how quickly some of it came back to me, even crazier to see how quickly the boys picked it up.  Before we knew it we were done with lessons and off on our own.  It was a blast!


We had fun going on a couple of runs as a family before the boys split off and Becky and I continued on together.  Interesting side note, we thought all green trails were the same until Becky, Gavin and I all individually crashed about halfway down the second one we tried.  Dominic was off to the races and had no issues at all.  The rest of the time I had a great time doing the same run with a couple of different side options to get the hang of what I was doing.

Over the past many years I’ve let the fear of hurting my knee keep me away from trying downhill skiing, this was exactly what I needed to push me past that nervousness.  I need to remember this when I let a little bit of fear get in the way of potential fun.

One more thing, it felt great to spend an entire day with the family!  After being gone last weekend it was wonderful to spend the day going from yoga to skiing to lunch as a family to watching a movie to playing some games as a family.  Having time to reconnect has been outstanding.


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