Day 892 – Thankful for a Thought Provoking and Emotion Stirring Movie, Free Solo


I’ve been pumped to watch this movie since I’d first heard of it.  Tonight we watched it as a family and it was pretty wild!

The stunning beauty of El Capitan and the surrounding Yosemite Park was breathtaking and may have helped it move further up the future vacation list.  I have no idea how they were able to capture all of the angles they did, but it was truly beautiful to watch.

Along with majestic beauty of the 3,000′ wall of granite the story of the climber left me deep in thought.  It was an interesting mix of seeing how much grit was required to reach a crazy huge dream.  There was an odd balance of where do we truly LIVE – the place where we feel safe and secure, the place where we’re always straining and pushing beyond the lines of what we initially felt is possible, or a delicate balance of both?  Additionally I caught myself wondering if at some point I should realize I may be chasing the wrong dream or maybe I’m chasing something that I should look internally to find instead of looking outwardly for.  Throw in a handful of other deep thoughts and there was very rarely a moment in the movie in which the gears of my brain weren’t hurtling at full speed down the tracks.

Long story short, this is definitely one that I’ll come back to often…  probably while on a treadmill.  There’s just so much to thing about and take in, so much to watch and then turn to inner reflection.  I’m still amazed that this movie had that big of an impact.



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