Day 896 – Thankful for Finding Ways to Bring On a Smile When I’m Frustrated

Argh!!! Today was one of those days when nothing quite seemed to click like I’d wanted it to. There was a steady grinding of things that just get slowing my progress on certain projects. At times I caught myself becoming increasingly frustrated and as I look back I can see that I let certain things dictate my attitude instead of me consciously choosing my attitude. Sure, some of the things were pretty infuriating (like check fraud), but most others were mild annoyances I should have just taken a deep breath on and moved on (all i ask is for my Wi-Fi to work with regularity, is that too much to ask? 😉). Instead I let each of those little things become tinder and I was pretty torched by the end of he work day.

At one point I realized how foolish I was being and decided to do something to make me smile. As luck would have it there was a small piece of one of my favorite things in the world that I’d been holding onto for a while for a moment just like this. Bubble wrap! And not just any bubble wrap, but the giant one inch round bubble kind of awesome bubble wrap.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, popped a bubble, and smiled. Ahh… remembering the therapeutic power of bubble wrap I continued to breathe deep, pop a bubble, and smile. Only one at a time, I was feeling tremendously better when I was done with the sheet.

Throughout the day the LEGO Movie 2 soundtrack has been stuck in my head. As Becky and I were trading stories of the frustration from the day (not often we are both stressed like that) one of the songs popped into my head and I couldn’t help be chuckle to myself. The song? “Everything’s Not Awesome.” 🤣

Yup, in hearing the overly depressed lyrics I just couldn’t stop smiling. Seriously, if you haven’t listened, check out the start of the song:

Everything’s not awesome
Everything’s not cool
I am so depressed
Everything’s not awesome

Whoa, I think I finally get Radiohead
Bro, you should check out Elliot Smith
What’s the point? There’s no hope
Awesomeness was a pipedream
Aye, my spirits be at the bottom of the sea
Love’s not real, I just wanna eat carbs
Pass the ice cream

Right? The LEGO Movie writers just nailed my feelings during part of the day… and found a way to make me smile. Hearing Batman sing “love’s not real, I just wanna eat carbs, pass the ice cream” cracks me up every time.

Even as I write this I find myself in a much better mood. Yup, the day wasn’t perfect, not by a long shot, but nothing I’ve encountered today is insurmountable. Heck, almost all of it isn’t worth spending any emotional energy on. Thanks to a couple of ways to put a smile on my face and pull me out of my funk I know that the rest of the night will be better and tomorrow will be amazing. Not because of any specific thing or action, but because I choose for them to be and will find the positives in them.


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