Day 887 – Thankful for an EARLY Morning Flight Home

When my alarm went off a few minutes before 3am this morning I was actually smiling. How crazy is that? I literally jumped out of bed with a smile and was up and moving as fast as I could be. To be clear, I didn’t go to bed early or anything, I finally hit the bed about 11:30 last night.

So why was I so excited to wake up with minimal sleep even though I function best on 7-9 hours? This…

Last year I was so pumped when I hopped online to book my flight and found an option that was perfect for me. Yup, I found a flight that got me back in my house at 10am – woo hoo!!!

Yeah, waking up that early wasn’t ideal, but fortunately I’ve been working on taking naps in small gaps of time. Using some of these tricks I was able to sleep in the gate in Dallas, on my flight from Dallas to Chicago, and again on my flight from Chicago to La Crosse. Sure, it wasn’t a full night of sleep or super peaceful, but the trade off was well worth it.

So why did I get so pumped to fly out so early? After being away for almost a week I was able to spend almost an entire day with Becky and the boys! I was able to catch up with them, hear about their scout camp, have a couple of family meals together, go to yoga, and now watch a movie as a family. I even really enjoyed grocery shopping with Becky. It’s crazy, but I throughly enjoyed doing a normal chore / errand that I was able to do specifically because I was able to catch an early flight home. Time with the family has been great today!

I’ll happily sacrifice some sleep and chill time to spend more time with my family and I’m thankful I found an early flight to make that happen.


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