Day 886 – Thankful for Onion Cutting Moments

I’m the first handful of hours today there’s been a few moments when there must’ve been someone cutting some onions nearby. Weirdest thing, but that’s what obviously what was happening in our conference center as my eyes started watering a couple of times today. Crazy, but it only happened for a couple of moments and then we were never served food with onions… Strange, huh?

It started with the award for the Employee of the Year. The top five candidates of the 550,000 associates we employed this year were introduced and it was electric! One of the back stories involved an associate who was homeless and struggling to get a job so he could get custody of his son. When he came out on stage he had his young son with him and it was amazing! That was the first time someone started cutting onions.

After the winner was announced and given the $5,000 prize our founders announced that each of the five finalist would each receive $5,000 and just like that some onion ninja went to town.

Our speaker later was playing a video while he painted some street art. The video had the song “Coming Home” by Skylar Grey playing and showed videos of soldiers coming home and surprising their family members. Yup, you guessed it, someone started cutting onions again.

The last one got me right in the feels. I was sitting next to my friend Mark at the general session and as it wrapped up he gave me a compliment, actually two, that left me humbled, grateful, and full of joy. I’m not sure why, but someone decided to start cutting onions again at that point.

Each of those moments struck me profoundly and I’m so thankful for each of them. They are amongst the greatest moments of my ILC this year.


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