Day 885 – Thankful for Learning from My Express Cohorts

There were so many insightful nuggets of information I received from so many of my Express cohorts today.  Throughout the day I was able to spend much time listening and learning from some of the best franchisees within the Express family.  Some of these conversations came through specific training times and classes while others came in the moments of conversation in between training sessions. 

Our industry is a little different than many others.  In spending time with my cohorts like this it’s like time with close friends who’ve known you forever.  They understand what we do daily and understand the daily struggles and successes.  They are able to share stories of success and failure openly as we all attempt to get help each other improve.  In some situations we may have tried different solutions to the same issues and we can trade notes of how it worked out.  There were even times when someone pointed out potential challenges before they’ve ever occurred.

Spending this time together has been so helpful, just as it has been in the past.  I’m so thankful to have this framework to work within to help us all continually improve.


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