This morning was pretty awesome!  Due to the cold weather running outside with the dogs was’t really an option, but luckily Becky had a great idea.  One of our favorite yoga instructors was teaching the 5:30am class so after a round of early morning sit ups at home we were in a 96+ degree room sweating our creaky joints off.  The first few minutes made me feel like I was doing an impression of the Tin Man but by the end I was melting right into my mat.  It felt amazing.


On our drive home we were able to take in a scenic sunrise.  Is it just me or are the sunrises more beautiful in the super cold weather like this?  Regardless of the scientific reason is was so relaxing to go from yoga to seeing the vibrant reds and pinks in the sunrise.

One of the reasons we were able to go to yoga this morning was Gavin’s Battle of the Books event at UW La Crosse.  Thanks to being one of the top two teams in their school Gavin’s team qualified to take on the best teams from other schools in La Crosse.  They faced off via 45 questions on 20 different books (15 questions in each of 3 rounds).  It was so much fun watching Gavin and his team interact during the event.  There was no question that when they knew it, they knew it!  They’d fly out of their seats, grab the right answer, and then smile from ear to ear as they waited.  It was pretty awesome to observe.


As it turns out they tied for 3rd place out of 20 teams, not too shabby!  They were smiling big when they got their medals in the awards ceremony.  Regardless of the results I’m just super thankful for how much he loves to read, be on a team, and challenge himself.  Seeing them finish so high was a pretty sweet bonus!



All of that before 11:00am…  Seems like a pretty amazing morning to me, and one that I am so grateful for.



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