Day 880 – Thankful for Using Extra Time to Let Ideas Ferment

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been pushing myself to not trust my instincts to grab my phone whenever I have a free moment.  You know those moments when there’s an unexpected silence or a wait?  Instead of looking to my portable screen to provide a quick fix of news, sports, or some other form of entertainment I pause and do something a little crazy…  enjoy some time to think.  Sadly, it’s taking some getting used to.  The first split second of “non-entertainment” I feel an urge to grab my phone and fire it up.  It’s weird, I didn’t realize just how much of my time was getting gobbled up in that manner.

Over the past week I’ve had some excellent thoughts and ideas pop up during those down times.  I’ve thought about some changes to my book, pondered some business opportunities, considered a slight change in my exercise and diet plan, and have even put thought into a change to this blog.  As I’ve found more and more short bursts of thought time each day I’ve been able to to push some of these thoughts and concepts further along than they ever would’ve been without taking time to let them ferment.


It really hit me while I was upstairs in my workshop this afternoon.  Becky took the boys to Scouts and I had time to myself up there.  Instead of firing up music or some other type of audio I just stood there in silence as I sanded and thought.  It felt amazing!  There was a moment in which I had almost that same feeling of being on vacation…  an inner peace while focusing uninterrupted thought on something important to me.

Today might not be the most exciting post I’ve ever written, but I get this weird sense that it is a turning point of sorts.  More focus on directing my time, focus and energy on where I truly want it to go as opposed to letting life happen to me.  I keep getting a line from Essentialism in my head…  either I don’t prioritize my life someone else will.  There are a handful of things I need to focus strongly on over the next few months and I’m keeping a better eye out for what’s non-essential to those goals.


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