Day 882 – Thankful for Talking Vacations with Strangers, a Comment From a Teammate Last Week, and a Quote from Two Years Ago

Earlier today while waiting in line I struck up a conversation with someone.  We’d both had the shared experience of having to “donate” a Leatherman to the TSA as we’d forgotten them in our backpacks while travelling.  Before I knew it about 10 minutes had passed and we were still talking vacations.  As we talked there were several times when he was asking me about places that we’d gone, how old kids should be before he takes them, how much time they should take, and things along those lines.  Amongst those questions I was also learning about their upcoming trip to Glacier this summer and gave him some ideas of places to see along the way if they decide to drive instead of taking the train.  It was a blast!  Nothing like talking vacations to get me all fired up and my heart all full of joy.

Last week I was talking with a couple of teammates and we got on the topic of vacations…  I know, that topic seems to follow me often!  At one point my teammate asked how I take so many cool vacations.  It led to a great conversation on two parts.  First off, it reminded me of the biggest reason we go on them…  they are amongst the most important things in life to Becky and I.  As such we prioritize them and put them ahead of many other types of expenses.  Secondly, it was a great way to share some financial thoughts and dream / life focus with my teammate.  As I drove back that comment from her kept rolling in my head and I just kept smiling.  It was a moment for me to remember why we put the focus where we do, we love the experience of heading out into nature to see and experience new things and to enjoy the peace.

My blog post from a couple of years ago yesterday popped back up and left me smiling as I went to bed last night.  In my hotel room in San Francisco I saw this quote on a magazine for the hotel chain… “Travel lets us see ourselves in a new way.  With our minds free to dream, goals become clearer, moments grow richer, and we return home fuller than when we left.”  That quote has stuck with me and reminds me that while I love travel, there’s a secret takeaway that I need to remember in my daily life.  Any moment of any given day can have that same magical travel feeling…  if I take the time and mindfulness to be fully immersed in the present.

Today all three of these thoughts popped in and out of my head and I’m so thankful for all of them.


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