Day 883 – Thankful for Memories of New Zealand and Plans Slowly Coming Together

So I thought I would blog about something besides vacation today, but then I was caught totally off guard while running early this morning. On the treadmill I was able to select which trail I would see on the screen and one of the options jumped off and I had to choose it… The North Island of New Zealand!

While putting in my miles I was able to re-run some of my favorite views from our trip to NZ including Cathedral Cove. Seeing it on the screen brought back a rush of emotions and I had a flood of memories come roaring back. It’s funny, but I remember seeing the rock formations from inside the cave the first time so clearly… Just as I can remember the smiles on Becky, Dominic, & Gavin as we played in the ocean and enjoyed the beauty of the area.

Once that trail was completed I went through the process a few times and was reminded of so many other hikes in New Zealand as well as other places. It’s funny, I didn’t quite realize some of the similarities my favorite places on Earth all have until I had to stop and remember that I was seeing a trail in New Zealand and not in Olympic, Yoho, Glacier, Sawtell, or Seward. So many glorious places and incredible natural beauty!

Throughout the day several plans all started to come together in my brain. Some personal, some business, and some a mix of the two. While there’s a legitimate chance that none of them will pan out it feels great to see the plans slowly forming. Even if they don’t work out I know I’ll be better from the experiences and will be able to either move closer to each of those dreams or come up with a slightly different and improved dream in the process.

Maybe it’s something nagging in my brain from a week ago today, but it almost feels like I’m taking more time to enjoy the journey and the moment. When I am putting thought into these ideas I’m enjoying the process of thought ideation and creation. We’ll see where they end up, but for now it’s feeling pretty awesome and I’m thankful for the slow but steady progress.


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