Day 870 – Thankful for Relatively Random Reminders of My Grandmas

Over the course of the past few days or so there have been a handful of random reminders of both of my grandmas.  It’s funny how one little thing, seemingly out of nowhere, can spark old memories that leave me grinning.  It wasn’t a picture, card, or letter, but ordinary things that just take on a different context when seen through the lens of a grandson.

This past weekend Becky and I had a few pots of coffee throughout the weekend mornings.  One of the types we have is a whole bean and there was something about the smell of the fresh grounds steeping that reminded me of weekend mornings at my Grandma Lamping’s house.  All we needed was the smell of fresh toast and it would have been a perfect match.

A couple of nights ago Becky mentioned the word “kringle” and I immediately started salivating.  On our way home from logrolling we stopped off at Festival and picked some up.  No visit to Grandma Lamping’s was complete without several kringles in the morning.

Last night I wanted a little snack and I went for something I had the urge for…  saltines and butter.  This was a favorite snack that we used to have at my Grandma Kreiling’s house often.  Simple and salty, they always remind me of being at her house.


On my drive this morning I saw several houses with HUGE icicles hanging off the eaves.  Grandma Kreiling’s house used to have huge icicles like this each winter and I remember the warnings of making sure I don’t stand under them because they would cause serious injury or death.  It made me smile thinking about all the times we would try to break the biggest ones off in one piece.

In all of the cases it felt good having some great memories of each of them come to mind. Sure, the initial memories were very much on the surface, but each time it led to me spending time remembering spending time with my grandmas.  How awesome is that on a cold winter day?


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