Day 869 – Thankful for Working On Instead of Working In

Today was a great example of a lesson I learned from mentors long ago.  As opposed to only working “in” the business the majority of today was spent working “on” the business.  Sure, it’s only a one letter difference, but that one letter makes all the difference!


It’s so easy to put my nose to the grindstone and just focus on getting things done.  It’s often hard to put urgency to things that are very important but never really feel urgent.  Today (and parts of yesterday) has been focused on different activities that will really move me towards several goals.  While they aren’t things that have to happen right now, they are of the utmost importance for the long term dreams I have.  The awesome thing is that through this action I’ve already forced myself outside of my comfort zone and have started viewing some concepts a little differently.

I’m so thankful for taking time to focus on working on instead of in today!


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