Day 871 – Thankful for Watching the Ever Changing Colors of a Sunrise In a Snowy Winter Wonderland

On my drive to Eau Claire this morning I started off with listening to my current audio book but I just wasn’t getting into it. I then switched over to some chill tunes but that didn’t quite scratch the itch either. As I drove in silence for a couple of miles thinking about what to listen to next I figured out that the lack of sound was music to my ears. The rest of the drive (outside of a call with my mom) was spent in silence.

The absence of sound seemed to heighten my sense of sight. The sunrise was beginning and it was awesome to take in the changing colors across the horizon. The drive through the valley heading up into Arcadia was breathtaking! The western sky was a brilliant purple and lavender while the eastern sky was starting to turn orangish red. The subtle change of colors across the sky was amazing!

This wasn’t from this morning, but you get the idea 😁

As I continued to drive the sky kept shifting colors. Even as the sky turned its normal blue the rising sun changed the color of the snow to a golden orange hue. Normally I’m not a huge fan of snow, but in this case I realized how much the white canvas added to beauty of the sunrise. By the time I got to Eleva my face was tired from smiling. It was so relaxing to take in the sunrise in all of its glorious colors to start of a wonderful day!


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