Day 841 – Thankful for a Perfectly Ordinary Morning and a Wife with Crazy Humor Like Mine

This morning was about as perfectly ordinary as they come, and it felt amazing!  The alarm went off and I took my time getting out of bed.  I got partially dressed for our run and did Becky’s sit up routine with her.  We then headed out for our normal run.  Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary, just our normal run.

Back at home I took my normal 20-ish minute nap to recharge after our run and got ready for work.  I shot the bull with the boys and had some more time talking with Becky as I got ready.  She had my coffee ready as usual and I had my normal breakfast.  The boys left at the usual time with the usual big hugs and I love you’s.  I grabbed my normal lunch and made my drive to work.

The drive to work was pretty average an uneventful.  Once I got to work I dug right in and enjoyed some quiet time in the office alone…  there may or may not have been some AC/DC blasting from my office as I worked.

All in all, the morning was perfectly average and normal.  It’s funny how sometimes I want something exciting or a little change.  Days like today remind me that life is pretty awesome and I appreciate the normalcy I have in my morning routine.  Starting off with exercise, love, nutrition, and time with family how could I want for more?

Also, I have to say that I am always grateful for Becky’s somewhat goofy sense of humor as it is a great match to mine.  Over the past couple of days we’ve both had the song “Africa” stuck in our heads because of a T-shirt I saw and texted to her…


I am so thankful for our ability to make each other laugh and bring joy to each other’s life.


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