Day 840 – Thankful for Drawing Inspiration From the Grit of Others – Deena Kastor

The book I’m just wrapping up has been a great one for motivation.  Let Your Mind Run by Deena Kastor has been a book that’s got running on my brain again (combine that with a handful of other running books by Jurek, Roll & McDougal…  yikes!).  As I get caught up in the story of her success I keep feeling myself drawn to running and the desire to run longer and longer distances.

One of the specific things I am thankful for today is the story she shared of her 2004 Olympic Bronze.  The one goal she’d set for herself was to medal in the Olympics.  She didn’t care the color, she only focused on getting one.  The amount of work she poured into that dream is incredible!  Imagine running 130+ miles every single week.  My entire lower body hurts just thinking about it.

Sticking to her goal she has a specific strategy to win and stuck to her guns while at times she felt like she could have gone out faster.  She gritted it out and finally overtook the 3rd place runner as the mileage was running out.  If you watch the footage below you can see right where Deena realizes she just accomplished her goal…

The funny thing is that after all she did to reach that dream she realized that she could still get better and stronger.  From this she decided to win a major marathon so she worked for it and did it.  Instead of resting on her butt she then set the bar higher and wanted to complete a sub 2:20 marathon and did it.  It’s incredible to see how she just kept raising the bar and working hard to achieve things she’d never dreamt possible before.

Throughout my day today I kept thinking about her running career.  At certain times I felt myself on a 20 mile run that was brutal but kept pushing me towards my dreams.  Other times were those sweet victories that got me dreaming bigger.  Regardless, I just kept thinking about the motivation and grit she showed and used it as motivation to push myself further today.

Huge thank you’s to Deena and everyone in my life who push me to try new things, to get stronger, and inspire me to reach for bigger and bigger dreams.


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