Day 842 – Thankful for a Great Workout that Still Has Me Smiling and Feeling Pumped Several Day’s Later

It always feels great getting a workout in. That said, not all workouts were created equal. As the days go by the memory of most of them slowly blur and fade. 95+% of the time I really don’t remember much about it even a few days later. It’s a rarity for one to really stick out. Like my workout with Dominic last week, that’s one I’m pretty sure I’ll remember for ever.

While driving this morning I felt the urge for some great music to get me going. My brain immediately went to AC/DC and I hit shuffle. The first song up was Thunderstruck. From the start a smile went across my face.

This past Saturday when we (I) got back into our normal Saturday morning routine I experienced the best cycling class ever. The instructor had a wonderful balance of motivation and coaching as she kept pressing me close to the limit and then backed of for a brief rest before pushing right back up to the limit. The way she coached helped to draw out one of the best performances I’ve had on the cycle.

At one point I’d totally lost myself in the pedaling and realized that I still had 35 minutes left. I groaned to myself thinking that there was no way I could sustain this level of effort for 35 more minutes. Surprisingly, the next 30 minutes were gone in a flash! The mix of music and exercise really helped keep me going strong.

As we started to wind down one song ended and as our instructor looked at her iPod a very mischievous smile crossed her face. “You know what, I think we’ve all got one more song in us…” with that the first chords of Thunderstruck erupted from the speakers. She then quickly informed us that every time the word “thunder” was sung we’d switch from seated to standing and vice versa.

The adrenaline and dopamine were running with full force as Becky and I smiled at each other while pedaling our butts off. It’s not often that I’m that happy to kick my own ass like that, but I was totally into it. It was awesome and I was oddly disappointed as the song ended, I just wanted to keep going.

It amazes me how a mix of several factors can lead to a state of flow like that and by adding a couple of key elements like the song and visuals like Becky smiling back at me during the routine. Suddenly the workout goes from routine to epic and memorable. Here I am after several days still smiling from ear to ear each time I think of that workout, I am so thankful for that!


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