Day 820 – Thankful for Getting Off the Beaten Path

This morning we started our drive around the west side of Maui and enjoyed some beach time and a great lunch.  My shoulders kept getting more and more tense as there were people everywhere!  I couldn’t believe just how many people there were swarming everywhere around us.  My stress hit its max when we were trying to find a parking spot for a tide pool and saw a line of cars parked about a mile away.  I totally get that it’s my fault for choosing to go there during the busiest time of the day and it’s up to me to choose my mindset.  That said, I could just feel the stress of being surrounded by so many people eating me up.

Funny thing is that within a mile or so of passing those tide pools up we turned left when it seemed everyone else either turned right or stopped…  and we quickly found ourselves on a very quiet stretch of the island.  About that same time we stumbled into what is, so far, my favorite part of the island…  the lush and green valleys in the winding roads of the western side of Maui.

As soon as we were off seemingly on our own I could feel myself relax.  The pressure was off and I felt great.  I couldn’t believe how much more calm I became in such a short period of time.

Thinking more about it, I think that’s one of the reasons I really enjoyed the Big Island and New Zealand so much.  It’s so easy to get a little ways off the beaten path and totally relax in the relative quiet.  To be clear, it’s not so much to be totally alone, just somewhere with a handful of people as opposed to a swarm.  One of my highlights of the day was when Dominic and I ran into a family of five and shot the bull and took a few family pictures for them.  Spending time with them felt great, being packed in bumper to bumper surrounded by people and resorts and retail felt the opposite.

Long story short, Dominic and I were catching back up to Becky and Gavin when we ran into that family.  After taking the pics of the family the two of us scratched our heads and tried to find the trail that Becky and Gavin had taken.  It was difficult to find as there were really no clear trails, just a couple of ghosts of trails that had once been.  I finally told Dominic, “let’s try this one out and see where it takes us, it looks kinda cool.”  Dominic’s response was priceless and hit the nail on the head for me today…

Take the road less travelled and it makes all the difference…  Isn’t that a Bible quote?”  – Dominic Kreiling, 12/26/2018

“No, it’s not in the traditional Bible, but I’m pretty sure it should be Bud!”  I then went on to remind him that it was a Robert Frost poem and then the lightbulb lit up…  “That’s right, that’s the one that Steve has memorized and said when we were driving in the mountains in Colorado!”


Today I’m thankful for getting off the beaten path, it is definitely where I find peace.


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