I definitely had some mixed emotions today. On one hand I was very nervous about watching out for the boys. Both are way better swimmers than I am, but as a dad with his two sons out deep in the ocean for the first time I couldn’t help myself. On the flip side I was so pumped for their first snorkel experience!

They LOVED it and we will definitely be doing more snorkeling on this trip… maybe even some snuba! The smiles on their faces were huge and it was easy to see just how much they enjoyed their time underwater. Both the boys even were diving underwater, something I’ve yet to try!

The second thing I’m thankful for today is that we (and by “we” I mean mainly Becky and a little bit of me) “forced” the boys to take swim lessons. Becky and I are not the strongest of swimmers and we wanted the boys to be strong swimmers for all the times we spend on the Mississippi. There were several times they each wanted to quit but we wouldn’t let them. Several times, including today, they both said they were grateful for the push to do something they didn’t always want to do. Part of the reason today was such a success was their strong swimming ability. They were both very confident right from the outset, while respecting the power of the ocean. I hope this lesson sticks with them – sometimes we need to grit through the things we don’t always enjoy to enjoy dreams never before dreamt possible.

Lastly, I’m so grateful for a BIG surprise we found in the tide pools today. The Kreiling family loves their tide pools and these held the BIGGEST surprise we’ve encountered in one before… a TURTLE!!! It was huge and didn’t care one bit that we were only feet away from it. The turtle just kept snacking away on things in the tide pools as we stood and watched. It was AWESOME!!!

Wow, what a day it’s been! Time to watch an amazing sunset…


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