Last night Becky and I were plotting out our plan of attack for the Road to Hana and had many ideas of what we wanted to see.  At one point she mentioned something that she’d seen online for an app that guides you while on the road.  Without thinking too much about it I jumped online and downloaded it.  Turns out it was the best $6 we spent today!

The app is called Gypsy Guide – Hana and it was fantastic!  Once downloaded the app uses your phone’s GPS to tell when you reach certain points and it then gives you great information.  Sometimes it was pointing out where to stop (Be ready to turn left, but not at the YMCA sign…  take the next left) and other times it was helping us figure out what we’d like to spend our time on.  The part that was especially awesome was on the way back the app told us much about the history of Hawaii.  Even the boys were enthralled and checking to see when the next piece of commentary would fire up!  How cool to get a history lesson while on vacation that the boys were actually interested in?


Between this app and the books my mom got us hooked on (Maui Revealed, The Ultimate Guidebook) we were able to make the best use of our time, seeing what we really wanted to and skipping the things that may have been a little overrated.

We had a great day filled with many unique experiences that we’ll remember for a long time.  Just a hunch, but I’ll bet that we’ll also all remember the app that helped make the day even more memorable.


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