Day 805 – Thankful for Enjoying the Ride to Menomonie This Morning

When I’m driving several days a week it’s tough to pause and enjoy the journey. I’ve recently been able to cut back to about one long drive per week which has been great!

My early morning drive to Menomonie started in the black of night (in the morning) and really got beautiful from about 7:20 until 7:50. I was reminded of something Leonard da Vinci used to do – pay close attention to how the colors transform with slight changes to lighting. The sun was just right and I could almost see the colors of the sky slowly shift as the sun rose and caught the clouds and bluffs just right. To make it even better the white frost on the trees added no opportunity for the light to reflect the colors. The shift from dark blue to deep red to light pink to orange was awesome!

Seeing as cell coverage is very limited in that area I usually have an audiobook playing. Today was the same until I started to pay closer attention to the drive. At that time I fired up some great tunes and enjoyed 30 minutes of natural beauty.

I’m so thankful for an amazing start to the day!


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