Day 806 – Thankful for My Christmas Role Models

At the risk of getting a little too sappy this will probably be a little bit of a shorter blog post.

Today I’m finding myself being more and more thankful for my Christmas role models. Between my mom & dad, Becky, and my boys I’m so blessed to have so many people who help me celebrate Christmas and live the Christmas spirit. Each of them has inspired me in so many ways.

My mom taught and still teaches me to appreciate the magic of Christmas.

My mom and dad showed how to enjoy giving more than receiving.

Becky inspires me with the way she truly lives the Christmas spirit.

My boys remind me to appreciate the moment and are little mirrors that reflect back how well I’m living what I’ve learned from my parents and Becky.

Through all of them I’m reminded to appreciate the reason for Christmas. I’m thankful the ultimate in Christmas role models, the one who gave everything for all of us.

I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many people who exemplify the Christmas spirit.


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