Day 731 – Thankful for My Mom

What an awesome birthday it’s been!  I had time with Becky on our early morning run and time with the boys as we all got ready in the morning.  Tomorrow we’ll “officially” celebrate my birthday at home.  The rest of the day I’ve been with my Express family in training sessions, listening to speakers, and celebrating together.  Throughout the day I’ve been reading tons of birthday wishes from friends and family via text, email, and Facebook.  To wrap up the night I took a nice long hot shower, am snuggled in with my laptop, and am calling it an early evening.

On a day like this it seems like it should be difficult to find one thing to be thankful for with so many to choose from.  Sometimes on a day like this I take the easy road and lump many things into one category.  Today, it’s actually pretty straightforward…  I’m thankful for my mom having me.

The appearance of me wasn’t necessarily planned out in advance.  I was quite the surprise for my parents and my tiny little heartbeat had a huge impact on the trajectory of my mom’s life.  Based on becoming a mom she set aside college and her dreams.  Instead she loved me, took care of me, and raised me to be who I’ve become.  She chose to put aside all that she had dreamt to build a future for me in which I could reach my dreams.  From as long as I can remember she’s always reminded me that I can accomplish anything that I can dream of and has always been there to support me.

On my birthday it’s only fitting for me to take time to be thankful for all that Mom has given me in my life…  to be thankful that she gave me the gift of life.  Without my mom I wouldn’t be here.  Without her love and support I wouldn’t be who I am.  Without her encouraging me to dream I wouldn’t have had or reached the dreams I have.  I am me, I am here, and I dream all because of the choices, hard work and sacrifices my mom made for me.  I am beyond grateful for all that she’s given me.

Mom, I love you so much I can’t even begin to explain.  Thank you for creating in me the man I’ve become.  Today really should be the day I celebrate you.  Thank you for all you’ve given and all the love you’ve shared.  Love you!!!


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