Day 732 – Thankful for Impactful Stories

At Sales Summit for Express today I was blessed to hear incredibly impactful story from one of Express cohorts. To wrap up the training we had a speaker share some of their stories. In the cases of both I was very moved. Their stories were so different on so many levels, yet they had so much in common.

One’s message was focused on “what am I afraid of?” More specifically, what am I afraid to do or become. Why do I hold on to those fears when I trust The Big Guy Upstairs? If I believe His timing is right, what do I have to fear? Any challenges thrown my way can either be overcome or learned from.

The other message posed a different question to ask myself each morning. “What can I do today to be greater than I was yesterday?” This question leads to thinking constantly of growth and improvement. It’s a reminder that it’s up to me to decide how I will tackle each day… linger and stagnate in status quo or live intentionally.

Both stories keep reverberating in my brain have led to introspection. What am I afraid of that’s preventing me from being my best possible self? What’s one thing I can do today to close the gap between who I am and who I want to be? Its wonderful to enjoy silence to consider both questions as opposed to turning on the radio and just filling my brain with “stuff” to pass the time.

As I think about both questions I also can’t help but be thankful for the two very impactful stories I heard today… and for strength, willingness, and openness of the two speakers for sharing the today.


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