About two and a half years ago I blogged about a lesson my Dad taught me a long time ago.  While you can also read it by clicking “here” the short version is pretty simple.  When we were working on a project together he told me to pause my brain for just a moment when I grabbed a tool in my workshop.  In that quick pause think about who gave it to you and what you’ve used it for in the past.  After all these years I still do that when I’m working with my tools and it always brings a smile to my face.

Over the past couple of days I’ve found a neat way to re-implement that old lesson.  Well over one hundred people either texted, emailed, messaged, or posted on my Facebook account to wish me a happy birthday.  Each and every single time I read one I paused and thought about my memories with that person.  It made me smile so many times over.  From old classmates to close friends and family to co-workers I caught myself sometimes laughing out loud at some of the memories that popped into my head.


Throughout the course of the day as I was getting caught up on things many of those names and faces came back into my consciousness and each one brought me a smile or several. Looking back on the day I almost should have paused and written a quick story about my memories of each person…  Who knows, maybe that’s a blog for another day ;). Regardless, it was pretty awesome to be able to re-use an old idea from Dad in a different way.  I know he was smiling with along me often today.


One thought on “Day 733 – Thankful for Re-Implementing an Old Lesson From My Dad

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