Day 730 – Thankful for Dominic’s Desire to Try New Things

Exactly three years ago today I decided to write a daily blog about at least one thing I am grateful for. I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by! Throughout the day my mind has drifted to memories from all that’s gone on over the past three years. It seems as if I’ve lived a lifetime in these past three spins around the sun… and I’ve never been more full of joy!

Tonight Dominic marched in his first parade. This year he decided to drop the cello and learn to play trumpet specifically so he could try marching band. It was pretty awesome seeing him walk past all of us hanging out at our normal spot!

I still shake my head in a very proud way when thinking about his desire to try new things. He was fantastic at the cello could’ve stayed with it so easily. Instead he found something else he wanted to try, threw caution to the wind, and followed his new dream. How great is that? He inspires me to remember to not get caught in the thinking that I need to go with status quo, that it’s okay to try something new. I’m so grateful to have him around!


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