There are some days when there are many positive things on my life that I’m thankful for, but it just feels right to go with something a little more out of the box and out there. Sure, there are several deeply serious things that I’m thankful for today like a strong friendship with teammates, trying new things, remembering to share my vision and appreciation for teammates, the opportunity to help someone grow in a way others have helped me, and a relaxing nights of games with family. All wonderful moments and I’m grateful for each. With all that in mind I’m going with my tastebuds and their gleeful smiles today!

I’m pretty sure I stumbled upon quite possibly the greatest condiment known to man… Joey Chestnut Classic Boardwalk Coney Sauce. This sauce is AWESOME!!! That’s the main ingredient, Awesome!

Where do I even start on this gift from the gods? A beautiful mix of ketchup, mustard, and barbecue sauce with a little extra zip at the end this is the only condiment needed for any type of sausage or meat. I’ve had it with hot dogs, brats, sausage, chicken breast, and venison and it’s been awesome every single time. Seriously, I’ve been combing the pantry and fridge to find new things to try it on. I’m hooked!

If you see me at a barbecue this year don’t be surprised to see me pull out a bottle of this amazing addition to any meal. God bless you Mr Chestnut, you’ve brought a little extra sunlight to my life!


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