Day 679 – Thankful for a New Addition to the Dream List

Over the past weekend I came across something that was quickly added to my dream list…


Yes, that’s right, a four wheel drive camper van! How sweet will something like this bad boy be for long vacations when driving across the US and Canada? When we eventually take a summer to explore Alaska this is the type of beast that will get us there.

It sleeps two, has a kitchen, bathroom, and shower, and includes pretty much everything you could ever want on a road trip. The interior may not quite be what we’re looking for (check it out here: )

Yessir, this looks to be the chariot I’d like to ride across the US as we catch up on the last of our National Parks around retirement age. I’m guessing there may be some pretty sweet new options over the next 18 years, can’t wait to see how it looks when it finally becomes a reality. 😁


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