Day 680 – Thankful for a Well Used Gift, a Reminder of the Impermanence of Life, a Tour of a Creamery, and a Slap Upside the Head by Judgement

Whew, talk about a mouthful, right?  As I tried to wrap up the day the funny thing is that these were just the tip of the iceberg!  This has been a day filled with so many blessings that it could easily end up in a huge list.  Thinking through it though there’ve been a couple of moments that have really stuck out, a couple that I’ll keep to myself, and some that may show up again in the not too distant future.

First off, I’m thankful for a gift that I got quite a while ago that I’ve used almost daily since I received it.  Huge thanks to my mom for the large Yeti mug that I almost always have in tow with me!  While I don’t think about it every time I use it today it really hit me how much I appreciate it.  I had a cup full of carbonated water that sat in the car for several hours in the sun and stayed cold the entire time!  Thanks Mom!


On a more serious note one of our past team members lost her father at the young age of 47.  Reading his obituary hit home hard as many of his interests lined up with mine and his age wasn’t that different than mine.  Hearing of his passing today reminded me to enjoy every moment that I have and to not take today for granted.  Big hugs and many prayers to her and her family through this incredibly difficult time.

One of my favorite job duties in staffing is touring client facilities to see where our associates will be working.  This means the kid in me gets to come out and enjoy a tour of a production facility to see how things are made.  In the case of today it was a our of a creamery where I was able to see how several types of cheese are made including muenster (one of my personal favs!).  Not only was it so cool to learn how all this happens it was pretty sweet to walk out with a bag of cheese curds and a bag full of great cheese from their gift shop – it would have been rude to not do some shopping after the tour, right? 😉

Lastly, I had a couple of wonderful conversations with a teammate today that pretty much spanned all aspects of life.  It was awesome getting to know them better and I’m thankful for that time to connect.  One of the things that caught me off guard was when I realized just how judgmental I’ve been towards people with differing political views.  I’ve spent a lot of time being frustrated and angry with “those people.”  Thinking about it from a shifted perspective (thinking back to the thoughts from The Book of Joy and The Shack) I realized how judgmental I’ve been and how differently I should be treating them.  Instead of insulting and hitting them with blanket statements I need to remember to love them as my neighbor (no matter how much I may disagree with their ideas), seek to understand why they feel the way they do, and help them find a better path where possible, one that is focused on inclusion and love as opposed to fear, hate, and separation.  In helping them I’ve also got an opportunity to live more towards that right path myself.

As you can see the day was filled with so much, simple joys, tough lessons, childlike curiosity, companionship, and deep introspection.  How lucky am I to have had such a full day?  It is one I’ve appreciated greatly!


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