Today was a big day for me as my first batch of rocks were finally finished!  For Father’s Day Becky and the boys got me a rock tumbler.  Finally, after 4+ weeks of running the tumbler the first barrel full of rocks were completely polished.


I was happily surprised with how well they turned out.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and with it being my first time I wasn’t quite sure which rocks would turn out and which wouldn’t.  Thank goodness I lucked out on a handful of them!


Now that the first batch is done I’ve got another two running that will be done in the next 3-6 weeks.  Woo hoo!!!

After cleaning up the rocks the boys and I sat down to play the game they’ve been asking to play since Scout camp and camping this weekend…  Texas Hold ‘Em.  We spent the time not playing for any cash and used it as an opportunity to break them in on the rules and terms.  We had a blast and it’s nice to have another game in our back pocket to play on a moment’s notice.



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