Day 676 – Thankful for a Bike Ride Through the Wildlife Refuge and Awesome Ribs

Today’s blog is definitely not the most likely if combos, but both were amazing!

While camping with the Thums clan Becky and I snuck out for a long bike ride while the cousins all went fishing. We had a rough idea of where we were headed, but we happily surprised to find that we were able to bike through the Sandhill Wildlife Refuge outside of Pittsville. We got pretty cool 8+ mile tour of the forest, fields and wetlands. While cruising on the dirt road we saw quite a bit of wildlife including turtles, a snake, and a family of swans. It was very peaceful and chill, just what the doctor ordered.

As is the case every year we had great meals all day. Breakfast was made by Nathan and Dominic and was a tasty start to the day. Walking tacos for lunch were quite a treat as always. Dinner was something else completely as Matt spent the better part of the day prepping and smoking some of the best ribs I’ve ever had. They were delicious! Pretty sure I can skip all meals tomorrow… wait a sec, what’s that? Biscuits and gravy for breakfast? Well, I guess a little over eating isn’t the end of the world!


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