Day 675 – Thankful for Starting the Day with an Incredible Sunrise and Ending the Day with a Campfire

Today has been filled with so many blessings that I could write a blog that would go on for pages and pages. From start to finish through many successes and challenges there have been many things I’m thankful for today. Happy moments filled with joy, some difficult moments in which I was thankful for the opportunity to grow. When I weigh out all of those moments it really comes down to the bookends of the day, two simple moments.

This morning I was on the road by 5:10am. The dark slowly rose as I drove and exposed a thick fog that added a mystical feel to the scenery. I was so fortunate that this started to unfold as I drove up to Arcadia. As I rolled into Independence I had an awesome view of this…

The morning became more and more beautiful and I finally pulled over for a couple of minutes to watch the sun slowly rise over a cornfield on a side road. It was a wonderful moment of peace and solitude. I turned on some chill music and just felt at peace.

As the night wraps up we’re now chilling around the campfire. Chilling out and shooting the bull there’s a wonderful mix of symmetry and opposition with the morning. It is a simple beauty, peaceful and relaxing, yet it is a time focused on being with others instead of solitude. Sitting with each other feels great and I’m thankful for the time with family.

A sunrise in the morning, a fire in the evening… So much to be handful for in between. What a great day!

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