Day 652 – Thankful for an Artist’s Palette Sunrise and a Reminder of Dad

A couple of days ago it was a sunset that caught my attention, today it was a sunrise.  While Becky and I were running this morning we had this scenic view in the background…


This is one of those times when I really don’t much to explain why I’m thankful for this view, the picture says it all.

Later in the day I had an awesome surprise pop up in Facebook.  On this day last year this was my blog post:  Day 288 – Thankful for an Incredible and Unexpected Gift from Dad

365 days ago I realized that I had a couple of voicemails from Dad saved on my cellphone.  When I fired them both up they were almost exactly the same as each other and like every other voicemail he ever left me.  It’d been a while since I had listened to them and I was smiling from ear to ear as I listened to them.  How awesome to have that gift, the opportunity to hear his voice!  I’ve got pictures and whatnot, but hearing his voice is something special.  Today I’m so grateful for those voicemails, they really filled my heart with joy today!


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