Day 651 – Thankful for Learning Vicariously Through Others

What can I learn from this?  How can I listen more intently and better absorb the wisdom I am hearing?  If I were in the other person’s shoes, how would I feel?  When I’m in the shoes of those who frustrate them how am I like the person who is causing the frustration?  If I was to take away one nugget of insight from this interaction what would it be?  As I observe these two people engaged in conversation what could I learn from viewing the conversation through each of their eyes?


These are the questions that have been going through my noggin often over the past week and change.  Ever since starting to re-read The Book of Joy that concept has been stuck in my head like a very positive sliver.  Once in a while throughout the day that sliver is bumped into something else and I am reminded of it.  Once I’m reminded of it the thought of it is the only thing I can focus on.

Over the past couple of days this has led to some very interesting and much appreciated insights.  I’ve started noticing things about myself, behavior, and thoughts.  Some are negatives for me to work on and others are positives that I need to focus on more.  Regardless, it’s been an eye opener for me and has already started to have some positive impact.

There have been a couple of moments today in which I’ve caught myself and proceeded with different actions and words based on the insights from asking those questions of myself.  I’m thankful for learning vicariously through others, it’s led me to a better today.


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