Day 653 – Thankful for My Boys’ Love of Malcolm in the Middle

A few weeks ago I happened across one of my favorite shows on Hulu and realized the boys might get a kick out of it…  Malcolm in the Middle.  As suspected they LOVED it!  While we don’t watch much TV the boys have been absolutely hooked on the show.  For me it’s been a walk down memory lane, only better…


When Becky and I started watching this show before kids we found it to be hysterical and thought we might be looking into a crystal ball.  Now that we watch it after all these years I realize that it hits way closer to home than we’d ever dreamt.  As the boys and I watch we’re sharing laughs over so many jokes.  I’m also laughing out loud at some of the jokes that are just a step over their heads.

The funny thing is that it’s actually provided several opportunities for some awesome father / son conversations.  The occasional serious one, and, more often than not, many humorous ones.  At the end of the day it’s added some pretty awesome moments that we’ll remember and joke around about for quite some time, and that’s something that I’m very thankful for.


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